About Us

Are you tired of tired of all the hassles involved in getting a website up and running? Maybe you have tried using traditional platforms, realizing you don't have complete design freedom. As websites become more homogenized, a streamlined website process is crucial. We found that the current tools out there each have their own benefits but none give you complete design freedom, coupled with with ease of use. Our co-founder, Sean Hynes, has over 20 years' web building experience and could not find a solution that was easy to use, had all the advanced functionality of a professionally built site, and loaded into any browser quickly and seamlessly. After having dozens of clients who were looking for a faster, and more affordable way to succeed online, he decided to take matters into his own hands and built the solution himself.  At Snaplitics, we've made it our mission to provide an extremely affordable web building platform that is super easy to use and has all the advanced features and analytics necessary for a thriving business online. An added benefit is the speed provided by instant page loads, which drastically improves search rankings! The Snaplitics team has spent well over a year building a DIY website building platform that we think you'll love. It has a perfect marriage of convenience and granular control that both amatures and experienced designers have come to love. We invite you to give it a try and build a website today!

The Founders


Sean Hynes

President, Co-CEO


As a lifelong entrepreneur, Sean Hynes is now rounding out 20 years of web development, helping clients all over the world. The brainchild behind Snaplitics, he is passionate about helping as many clients as possible become profitable sooner.


It all started with Sean's challenge trying to find a modern website builder that was simple and fast to use, but had the robust features usually reserved for websites created by a team of web developers. His frustration for the status quo, led him to develop a revolutionary website building platform that is easy to use and creates a professional, feature-laden website for an incredibly low cost. As President, Sean continues to drive the development of enhancements to the Snaplitics' platform. He manages the company's development team, forges industry partnerships, and drives every initiative centered around user experience and customer success. 


Sean is an avid health proponent. He is an inventor at heart and has built his own home. He is also a very active philanthropist, supporting multiple causes. 


Mykola Bashlakov

Vice President, Co-CEO


Mykola is a passionate entrepreneur who was inspired early on to use his highly technological skill set to help others make their dreams a reality.


As Vice President, Mykola oversees all of Snaplitics’ business operations as well as management of partners, vendors, contractors, and staff. He has been instrumental in helping Snaplitics' customers use a new development platform, speed their website's efficiency and increase their search engine results. 


Prior to Snaplitics, he led business transformation from antiquated IT storage systems to affordable and fast cloud solutions. He has experience managing global sales teams, customizing and implementing CRM platforms, consulting for IT and Business ventures, and facilitating contract negotiation.


Mykola is interested in Politics, History, and Economics. In his spare time he enjoys reading, being outdoors, and a glass of wine.

The Team


Vanessa McMillan

Customer Success Manager

Vanessa has over 20 years leading the marketing, brand evangelization, and customer happiness initiatives for leading technology providers. She is especially adept at creating a direct and immediate impact on demand generation and brand awareness at rapidly growing organizations. Every company that she has assisted, that has positioned themselves as an acquisition target, has been acquired.

At Snaplitics, Vanessa is charged with facilitating all demand generation, press and analyst relations, advertising, social media, content creation, and digital marketing automation, as well as partner and customer interface.

Vanessa lives in Austin with her 10-year-old daughter and a Lahso Apso named "Emma."


Jackson Kinsley

Operations Manager

Jackson is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Snaplitics, as well as customer experience and support. He assists with web design, market research, and technical documentation. He directs the Snaplitics development team on Version II product rollout, provides due diligence on externally reported material, and communicates with upper-level management on daily events and issues. 

He graduated with high honor from the University of Texas, Austin. His experience and education include business administration, financial analysis, eCommerce, and retail.

In his spare time, Jackson likes to play golf, poker, and basketball as well as spend time hiking and kayaking.

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Roman Barbotkin

Senior Developer

Roman has extensive experience developing sites from scratch and providing a wide range of IT solutions for web sites and business projects for clients around the globe. His specialty is helping customers solve complex issues, easily. At Snaplitics, Roman is charged with always seeking out and implementing product enhancements that keep clients happy, productive, and profitable. His hobbies include programming, football, and poker.

Roman’s main life principle is summed up by a quote from Steve Jobs: "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."